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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Poetry Reading

Have I participated in a poetry reading before?


However, I'm going to read some of my work in front of my speech class soon. We have to do an informative speech and my topic is Creative Writing. I was going to start out my speech with a basic rhetorical question; however, my teacher mentioned that a poem was a great way to start out a speech. The idea hit me at that very moment. Starting a speech about creative writing with a poem is simply brilliant! At least, I think it is.

I picked one of my poems that is about writing poetry, which is why I thought it fit. I am somewhat nervous. I mean, who wouldn't? This is the first time I'm sharing my work aloud with anyone. I'm just hoping that the class will receive it well. At least it's a poem that I've edited and had workshopped.

I know that I am not ready to share some of my work at a poetry reading. That would just be too nerve-wracking. I'm soooo not at the stage of confidence yet, hence why I'm enrolled in a speech class in the first place.

Maybe if I just sound extremely dramatic the class will eat it up.


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