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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I've spent a good portion of my summer reading, and I'm very proud of myself! Why? Well, because I normally don't spend any time at all reading once class ends. Last summer I spent a lot of my time simply goofing off on the internet, which was fun and all, but I didn't get anything done.

Asides from that, you will never become a better writer if you don't read anything new. Hence that logic, I started to pick up some more books and I'm very happy with the book I'm reading now.


I've always heard that it was a really good book, but I was wary of it considering it's basically Wizard of Oz. Considering I've seen the movie dozens of times before, heard all of the annoying songs, and watched the witch die dozens of times I never made time for the book. However, it wasn't that long ago until I saw this little beauty at a Barnes and Nobles out of town. It's leatherbound, has beautiful art and the pages look like they're dipped in gold. Not only that, but it's not just one book but two! The second one in the series comes with it: how cool is that?

That being being said, I decided why not? I got the book and started reading it a little bit later. Once reading it I've decided that I love the green witch and that Dorthy is absolutely evil! I'm not even that far into it yet, I mean the witch is still a teenager and all, but she is my favorite character out of the entire book.

...I didn't mean for this to turn into a review, but I guess it did. Nevertheless, I completely recommend this story. I'll probably read a little more of it later before digging into the next book in my giant pile.

And that is my giant summer pile... Wish me luck

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