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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Late Night Blogging

Well, it's not really that late, at least to me it isn't. That may be because all my life I've been a night owl. I do more at night and then sleep all day until four or later (or at least I would if my mom didn't have to wake me up, but that is asides the point.)

Sadly, it's the only time I really have to blog. During the day I have school, then I have my day job, then after that is the actual writing and lastly would be checking my online stuff. By that point it's already so late. I simply pay the price in the morning. Sure this probably isn't good for me; after all, rarely do I sleep. Still, that's the life of a busy writer, right? Regardless, that is my justification. One day I want to be able to cut out the school and day-job part of the problem and embrace sleep again. I'm pretty sure that the day-job is going to stay though.

What also kinda sucks about this is that by this point at night I have a hard time thinking up of a blog topic. Why? Well, that's because I'm too tired to think! Kinda like earlier tonight, I was reading one of my older books and I was just so tired that all the words started to form one giant, never-ending sentence. At that point I knew I had to quit for the night, so I went online. Makes sense right?

One day I'll catch up on my sleep, I promise. That day however, is not today.
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