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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wow... I can finally blog again


I can finally get back online again, and I'm so glad. Our house internet has been off for awhile, thanks to the storms. It was pretty annoying, considering I use my laptop for the things my phone or iPod can't do. To make matters worse, for some reason, my phone has been acting up funny-like for awhile now. I guess it's just my coverage, because I can't access Facebook at all on my phone. Thennnnn... to make it worse, my iPod really doesn't work when it comes to internet.


I hope my awful luck doesn't keep up or I won't be able to get any internet-like things done. With that, I'm going to catch up on more online stuff!

P.S: I just used my webcam for the first time!!! (Apparently there's a use for it on Blogger:P) Anyway, maybe I could have my vblog on here, as well as Youtube. Better chance for people to see it! hahaha!

Hatsune Miku: Envy Catwalk

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  1. Thank God The Problem with net got fixed it.
    keep writing keep inform
    nice to be here
    Best Regards
    pl. remove the word verification, it will irritates your readers