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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I hate starting new stories!!


Yes, I admit this as well- I hate starting new works.

Why? Well that's a fantastic question, and I'd love to elaborate. Just the thought of writing that first word is terrifying. Why again? See, writing that first word of a new story is far beyond important. That first paragraph is the veryyyy first thing one reads and if it sucks...well then the story is ruined! I absolutely hate that pressure!

I've been putting off that pressure for weeks now (yes I procrastinate, I'm human -___-.) But today, I finally started my newest piece, a short story. Let me say, figuring out those first words... was awful. Still, I got through it and managed like 6 pages earlier!

I write by hand, 6 pages is a lot, let me tell you!!

With that, I leave my blogging behind for another day. I'm trying to gather the strength to start my short story again, even though I'd rather work on my novel in progress. Oh welllllll!

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  1. I love starting a new story! By the time I start one... having let the idea percolate around in my brain for a few days... I am eager and raring to go!

    I do 'cheat' a little though. the first words I write are almost never the beginning of the story... the first words the reader will see.

    I will often start with the closing chapter or scene. When I start a story, I know where it is going so the end is not hard. Once I get the beginning moving along, then it's just a matter of connecting 'A' and 'Z'.

    Working on the ending actually helps me to focus on how I want to start... those first few words, because, as you say...

    Those first words are so very important!

    1. Oh wow, I've never started with a random scene or ending! I guess I'm boring because I just start from the first chapter...

      You make it sound like it really works, and actually, I think I'm going to borrow this tip with my next book!:D

  2. The very first story I wrote started that way. Actually, it came about form a Facebook post. A friend and I had been discussing a lover's betrayal. I responded with a short little 'vignette'... a little scene outside a Paris cafe... the car I am in pulls slowly to the curb... she is sitting at a table.... my arm emerges from the open car window... gleaming Sig Sauer in gloved hand...

    Anyway... that post really stuck with me and eventually my ego convinced me I could write a story - I had previously written absolutely 'zero' fiction; my writing confined to personal journals.

    I ended up with a 10,000 word story, which I plan on including in a collection I am going to self-publish.

    The 'start at the end' approach has worked for me quite well on several occasions.

    Best of luck with your next book! :)