My name is Dominique Weldon, I am a teenager from Iowa, who happens to be an aspiring author. I'm determined to make it, and plan on sharing my thoughts and process along the way with the rest of you guys!! I know we can do it!!:D

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Writing and life as of now

Hey, it's not too bad! Haha!

Luckily I don't work tonight, so I can somewhat write again. The problem with not writing after a day or so is that I start to forget what was going on in my story. I don't mean everything, but like the mood and setting I had at that moment. I'll have to read it again to figure out what was happening in my head.

Another problem I have is my blogging Wednesday. Every Wednesday I share a poem or short story of mine on All Things Book's blog...but not too long ago the website changed. It's on a different setup, or website style, one that won't let me log into. My internet or laptop is awful because I won't let me post on the website, which makes me sad, because I love posting on the site. They admin. of the group says there's a post option, but it doens't appear on my computer... So with that, I can't do anything :(

Oh well... Going to keep checking up on my book stuff now. (See how much I do in school?? Just on the spellcheckless computer or having free time the whole day!) And yes, spellcheckless is indeed a work...as of now!


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