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Monday, April 16, 2012

Back at school again-__-

Yup:( I'm sad to say but my week plus spring break is now over... What a drag.

The break itself was very nice though, if you guys care, haha! I had a list of goals I needed to accomplish before it ended. I didn't meet all of those goals; however, I managed to get half of them done. One I really wanted to do, but didn't was get half-way through my story. I'm almost there though! (And I know this to be a fact because I write on paper/in notebooks X3)

I'm writing it a little less though because I'm at an awkward spot in my story. I'm starting to transition into the horror elements, but it's kinda hard to make the jump without it being so sudden. It wouldn't be as hard if I wrote on the computer, when I had unlimited space, but I hate staring at a white screen all day-it hurts my sensitive eyes -___- I like being able to flip to my pages, not scroll with a mouse. Also my fingers start to cramp too...

Anyway, anyway! I don't know... I always find a way to make whatever I'm working on ends up fine; still, I can't help but stress out about it. With my luck, I'll run short with my story, and have pages left over at the end. Then I have to add another twist to the story.

Would it be simpler with a computer? Possibly.

Am I going to continue my first drafts in notebooks? Yup! XD

Well... I rambled like always, but the point is that I'm sad about school, I want it to be over, and I'm stressing about the book. All in all, I know it'll be fine in the end:3

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