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Friday, March 23, 2012

Wanna know what I just found out??

So... for the past several months I've been plauged with "Ultimate-laziness-no desire to do anything-syndrome" It's my own fault, no excuses XP However during the past week, out of nowhere, I've had a urge to write and write! It's wonderful!

...Then I've noticed something.

Being a Senior at my high school, I'm no longer required to read any 'free books' anymore. Considering I read the most in school, my free reading kinda died down this last year. (Forgive me guys, I'm sorry >___<) At the same time my writing has also died down. It never really seemed odd, I just felt like I had a lot of other things going on to distract me.

Now around two weeks ago my friend asked me to read her story. How could I resist?? I've been waiting for a glimsp of her story for about a year now! As I started to get into it I realzed how much fun it was to read, I just wanted to keep going! At the same time, I felt a urge to write a little bit of my novel (one that has been sadly ignored, yet always carried around with me). So what did I do? Simple, I started to write a little...

I wrote a little more.

Then I read some more.

I wrote again.

And then I picked up the book again.

That's when something hit me! Or at least a question came to me... Does my reading affect how much I write? I mean, I  haven't read really read anything in over a year, and I haven't written anything in so long. Then here I am, out of nowhere the spark to write comes back after I read... Is this true??

Does reading influence your writing guys? I'm starting to think it does!

Magia Madoka Ending: Magia Dubstep remix

(Music also influences my writing X3 I can't write without it!)

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