My name is Dominique Weldon, I am a teenager from Iowa, who happens to be an aspiring author. I'm determined to make it, and plan on sharing my thoughts and process along the way with the rest of you guys!! I know we can do it!!:D

Welcome to my writer's diary<3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't forget to work later... Maybe...

I feel like this all the time -____-

Normally, I'd say 70% of the time, I have no desire to do anything work related. The books, editing and reading scream my name, but I respond with a video game or mouse in my hand. What can I say, I'm a teenager and we like to procastinate. We can't help it.

However, right now --at this moment in time-- I actually want to get some work done! Since it's at school though, I don't have my rough draft with me:( So I'm craving to write something, but that something is in the other side of town. I feel like this always happens to me in general. When you have the opertunity to work you don't want to, but when you have other things to do, the writing (or whatever else it is) is unavaible at the moment...

Why is that?

Easy, because sometimes the universe hates me, and gets a chuckle out of my pain. With that I'll go back to school where I cannot edit Life of the Liar :P

Oh, and one last random thought: the school computers do not have spell check, so if I sound like an idoit it's because nothing is spell checked... Also I can't spell might be a factor... haha!


  1. Hello Dominique! Good luck with the writing. I've followed your blog from Author Karma.

  2. Awesome:D

    Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog Deborah!!