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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What has the internet done to my writing?

Ruined it!!! Ruined it--I swear!
(By the way I use Firefox if you guys couldn't tell X3)

Okay, not really, I'm just exaggerating guys. But in all seriousness, the internet really has distracted me from my writing... Which makes me dissapointed in myself.

Two years (age 15) ago was when my mom finally got us the magical wonder known as internet, lols!Sure we had dial up, but what was the point- I could watch an entire episode of a T.V before I could even log on! But when I finally got it one of the first things was make myself a profile on Facebook-just a regular one for my friends. It was a few months later when the wonderful idea of making an FB Fan page hit me. As time went on more things on the Internet started to capture my attention: Youtube, DevaintArt, Wattpad, Figment,my blog, my my website, etc, etc. etc...:P All these things require lots of work and attention, especially since I want them to be popular and all XD Somewhere along the road talking about my books has become more important than actually writing them, sadly enough.

Why did this happen? Well that's simple enough-the internet is addicting! The majority of us can say this to be true, how we intend to get on for a simple hour... and that hour turns to two, then three, then four, and so forth, and so forth. Hey, I admit it! That's why it takes me around a year to finish a book when it used to take me around four months...

How do I fix this? That's also simple- I need to change my prorities. That doesn't mean I'm going to vanish into thin air and off the internet. That'd be crazy! XD Instead I need to change what I do with my free time, limit my nights online by only checking my page once, or when I'm doozing off to sleep. Somehow I need to revert back to the way I was before we finally got internet...

Needless to say, easier said than done -___-

There's just one thing I won't loosen my time on, and that's Youtube XD I need my music to write; if there's silence nothing will get done... Ahhh, thank goodness for that part of the internet!

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