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Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm a student just like everyone else guys!!


I'm ranting right now! Why...? Simple, because this is my blog, I can, and it relates to writing. Alright, here I go.

As most of you know, I'm a student in high school... still. Oh the joys of that... One of my classes is Comp 105--yup, that's right, I'm taking a college class in high school. I'm that cool! Anyway, I'm pretty good at writing, so the class comes naturally to me. That doesn't mean I'm wonder-writer though, there's still days where I have problems too. After all, I'm just a student, like everyone else.

Here lies the problem... I am constantly asked by many of my fellow classmates to help them with their work. It never bothered me at first, actually it made me feel important... But then there comes the point where I'm asked more than the teacher. This has been happening since Jr. High, and I kinda hate it. That's because sometimes people get frustrated with me if I don't help them out, or want to work on my own project, leaving me feeling guilty.

It's made me come to the point where I no longer feel like helping them... Is that selfish? Possibly; I'm just tried of the guilt and pressure. I don't think that it's too bad, right?


  1. I don't think it's selfish. People expect big things from me in my creative writing class and all because of what? A blog and a Facebook page. Another thing that annoys me is when they think they can leach off my blog because I've worked hard to get such a strong following.

    1. That's annoying... I somewhat understand, but I'm sure you have it worse:( What do you say to the people that bother you then?

    2. Most of the time I ignore them, I can't be bothered with people who aren't willing to put as much effort as I have into my writing. But if they asked me, I'd direct them to my blog...I could always use new followers! Heheh <3