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Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't mock my skills

...because I am a competitive person. Even if I lose I still pretend that it is you who is awful, not me-haha! This is what happened to me awhile back in my Comp Class. Our newest assignment was to write a descriptive essay. Basically we had to write about anything and make it descriptive. Easy right?

Well wrong!

It is a lottttt harder than it sounds, and I probably spent the entire first week brainstorming a topic. Eventually we told our teacher that we were stuck and needed some serious help. That caused him to say,"This is basic writing for a creative writer. They should be able to write an entire paper on a pencil with ease."

-___- Yeah, that didn't settle with me very well. Not sure if he meant it personally, but I took it personally, as if he was insulting my skills! So out of spite I decided to write my essay on, you got it, a pencil. I turned the intro of it into a charming little poem called, "Of Wood, Graphite and Rubber.'

The pencil,
Such a marvelous contraption;
Simple to say the least,
But that adds to it's wonder,
Its length isn't comparable to the massive structure of a skyscraper,
Or as extraordinary as the microscopic world,
Its only a mere five inches,
Those five inches of wood, graphite and rubber is the bridge to a world of possibilities;
The dark, yet correctable tip makes way for learning, creativity and imagination,
To put it simply,
This tool is one made of magic,
A magic marveled for ages

(By the way, the rough draft was A worthy, just in case anyone cares, haha!) Now that determination in class never fails me. Why? Well because I strive for the best in school (unless it's related to anything math-wise, then that's just a lost cause.) That left me thinking today...Where does that determination go when I'm writing for myself? It's not like I don't try at all with my stories; I do want to write well, but the drive for perfection isn't there like in school. Even when I'm editing my work it's just not the same, because after awhile I start to grow bored, lose my mind a little, then quit. I think the only difference is the fact that school is for a grade...

Regardless, I found the difference between my academic and creative writing kinda funny. I need to bring them both up on the same level... If not I'll get through editing my story and publish anything T_____T And I really want to get published. Actually my goal is to become a published by age 18, but with that being in less than three months I don't see that happening anymore, lol. Guess I should stop being so lazy.

Oh, and also I decided to post whatever song I'm listening to while I'm writing. Share the bizzare music that inspires me and whatnot XD

IA: The Boy who Hated the Classroom


  1. Excellent post. I loved your poem. I see success in your future!

  2. I love it. Creating ideas can be a challenge. I know people who drop a book so it falls open to a random page and put their finger in the middle of the page without looking and write down whatever word they are pointing to. They do it over and over again until they have enough random words that an idea forms.

    Good luck!

    1. Lol, awesome Dom! And I totally get it. It's always been easier to complete academic writings than creative projects for myself. I don't know, maybe it's the grade and the looming time line.


    2. I guess XD Maybe someone should start giving me real deadlines and grades for my stories. That might motivate me more, lols!