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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Advice-Advice for all writers!!

Or anyone for that matter!

So today I was informed that one of my friend's lost everything on their computer today. Why? That's because her hard drive crashed. I feel so bad for her because that is every writer's worst nightmare. I have noooo idea what'd I do; I have some of my stuff on here backed up, but not everything... But then again, I take that back. Last year my computer had a virus so I had to factory reset it, losing everything. That sucked:( Luckily I had all my work and pictures on DevaintArt, so I was able to copy and paste everything back to my computer. The only difference from then is that I have music, but I keep all those on flashdrives scattered across the house.

Anyway, going back now. Hearing my friend's troubles made me remember some advice one of my teachers told me awhile back.
Yes, good ol' Google Docs--greatest invention in the world!!! Basically it's a back-up for any computer documents. It's free, and simple to use; all you need is a Google account, which is something that like everyone has now. But you're able to save any work on there, obviously with a space limit, but I'm pretty sure that it's high. Also you can access these documents anywhere!!! I'm completely pro Google Docs, and I recommend it to anyone! I don't have much on there myself, but that's because all my work is on paper. Which isn't really safe, so maybe I should start putting them online!

Heed my advice... because I know you'll thank me later for it :D


  1. I recommend DropBox personally, because you save just the file and don't have to use google.docs formatting. Good advice though!

    1. DropBox? I've never heard of it.
      I think I'll have to give that a look, because now I'm curious:D