My name is Dominique Weldon, I am a teenager from Iowa, who happens to be an aspiring author. I'm determined to make it, and plan on sharing my thoughts and process along the way with the rest of you guys!! I know we can do it!!:D

Welcome to my writer's diary<3

Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 Day Weekend


Yup, that's right--my weekend increased a day because our school is uber awesome! It's really random too because it's not like it's a holiday or anything. However it is my best friend's birthday....buttttt I don't think that counts X3

I'm going to spend tonight working for sure. I've been stuck in my novel for awhile now, not really knowing where in the world to go next. I did reread the book though, and it helped a little. One of my writer friends told me to develop a minor conflict to keep the story interesting, so I guess I could do a love issue-problem-thing. (Like my words? haha!)

So that's where I am up to this point... Nothing else too interesting to say, sorry!


  1. I have 5 day weekends every week! I'm only at university Wednesday and Thursday....except next week I have to go on Monday :(

    Good luck with the writing!


  2. Hi Dominique,

    I'm also a fellow aspiring novelist. I found you through the writer's group on Facebook and wanted to connect!
    Would love to find ways we can collaborate on topics, or just help a fellow writer out!

    Find me on: www.ifyouwishtobeawriter.blogspot.com


    1. Nice to meet you Anna!:D Yes, hopefully we can help each other out, at least I'll try!