My name is Dominique Weldon, I am a teenager from Iowa, who happens to be an aspiring author. I'm determined to make it, and plan on sharing my thoughts and process along the way with the rest of you guys!! I know we can do it!!:D

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yes, I admit it... I'm guilty of spamming XD

But I've learned that there are better ways to advertise yourself, ways that won't make people hate you!

My own spamming was out of innocence, I wasn't trying to make people angry. My friend and I were in a competition awhile back with our Facebook pages; we were trying to see who could reach 1,000 fans first. We advertised ourselves on other book pages and groups. I didn't expect to receive so much hate from it.

Many other authors out there were very hostile, ranging from them replying extremely rude comments to them posting about me. I've seen a lot of hate groups about me... Kinda hurt, but hey, that's just how the world is today:\

Me being an extremely sensitive person, which I should definitely try to fix (harder said than done), I had to find a new way to advertise. I'm very active on my Facebook page, and I've joined many sites online that help my writing. I use those to get my name out. No more spamming...

Because I don't like being yelled at -___-


  1. That friend was me! And I'd like to say that I did win that competition ; )

    I ignored people when I spammed...it was funny to see their little pages stay rather little while we boomed to the 1,000 mark! <3

  2. Indeed it was:D

    haha, I tried to... but I found blog sites with people complaining about me,and I read some really nasty things about me (which made me tear up a little XD) So no more spamming for me, hehe

    But yes, we did boom, didn't we. Best part of the whole thing:3