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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mortal Instruments:Jace Wayland

Updating my blog twice in one day--what now world?? haha!

Okay, okay... So Mortal Instruments... pretty great series! It's actually my favorite one out right now:D And I can't wait to get the next book coming out!! Main reason why is probably the same as every other girl's out there.

Jaceeeeeee X3

Ahhh yes... Clare is brillant; I mean, who wouldn't like a character like him. He's beautiful, strong, confident-a perfect hero with the perfect flaws. He's loveable, simple as that. So when stories with characters as liked as him...it's going to be hard to get the 'one guy' that everybody loves. That's because you can't have an actor that looks like the image in everyone's mind.

Anyway, I guess the cast is coming out (although I knew some of the cast for awhile now) but now they're starting to look like the actual characters. Anddd here's Jace Wayland! (all cut and trimmed lols)

Personal opinion... So not as cute as I'd hoped:( Sure, real-life-wise he's not my type at all. Brown haired boys with an adorable smile are the absolute best X3 Random thoughts, but anyway, I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about the real-life Jace. I'm curious and will continue to keep up on this. I hope the best for this movie and that it won't get overdone like Twilight did...but with how America is I'm not too sure.

Oh well:P

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