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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Go me!! I'mma good student:D

First let me get this straight--my English teacher is sooooooo not a chick XD He's a guy, not a creepy looking teacher chick like so ------->
But it was the best picture I could find, although maybe I should of used a student... Oh well XP

Anyhoo, I'm pretty sure most of you know that I'm in high school, right? Well I am--a senior to be exact! *woots!* Kk, our school offers basically free college classes and the one I'm in is Comp 105. The class is required at all Iowa colleges, so the fact that I'm getting it for free (don't count the books lol) is pretty amazing!

Only the class itself worried me. Since it's college-level it left me worried. I mean, they grade on a different level; I didn't want to fail a class that counts as both college and high school! D: The first paper we had to write was a personal narrative. Mine was about my car--long story, not gonna get into it lol. But I had my teacher read it to see how I was doing. Now need I add that he was reading my fourth draft, I went over it constantly, trying to make sure its perfect! He went over it quickly than gave it back to me.

Minor mistakes, but he said it was good!!!!!!

That makes me happy--and after all my hard work! I might be able to pass college! *woots! X3

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