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Monday, January 30, 2012

Emotions in writing?

Are very important...I believe. Why am I thinking this; simple, I'm a very random person with very random thoughts. I believe the whole 'Valentines Day' crap coming up is the cause of this, everyone being emotional and etc. Being forced to witness all these lovey-dovey-overrated stuff didn't help. (And no, I'm not a bitter, lonely person :P I just think the holiday is pointless.)

Anyhooooooo.... Emotional writing, it's the spice that can pull someone in, refusing to let them go. It's a very important--difference between the shelves and trash:P When your more 'involved' in your work it definitely turns out better.

Example: Around  two years ago, maybe a little more than that, I was writing Once Upon a Fairytale. It's my only true romance with a fantasy flare.

 That's when Tiana burst into tears. She threw her face in her hands, letting them get soaked. I honestly didn't know what to do... Moments later she removed her hands, and stared up at me. Her makeup was running down the sides of her cheeks, with all those tears.

"Cullen,"she cried,"I just want you to like me! I would do anything for you to notice me! These horrible clothes are embarrassing! But I thought I'd make you happy! Because I want to see you smile, I want...." she trailed off.

Seeing this girl cry, and for me... Seeing Tiana cry...

In that next moment I placed both of my hands on her face. I pulled her face close to mine and with my thumbs, stroked her running makeup away. Her eyes shot open wide, in surprise.

"I do like you,"I whispered, so quiet that I could barely hear myself.

I was beginning to spill out feelings;I couldn't stop myself...

 To me, it's my best piece of work. Why? I don't know, probably because at the time I (wouldn't say love then) was definitely crushing on someone. Do I believe the real-life feelings helped? Completely. Another example: my poem Loop. Short, sweet, one of my favorites...

The belt around my waist
That will do
Tightness encloses me
Air no longer comes down
All the memories of you rush back
So much, so fast
It rattles my core
Sends tears down my face
I'm tired of it!
I can't take any more!
Throbbing crashes against my neck
All the promises
Your words
They're what makes the floods come
What drown me
But I know I can't do it
I stop
The pressure goes away
Sending me deeper into my own abyss
I just wish someone would find me
Before my heart withers away into nothing

I wrote that... last May I believe. At the time I was rather... emotional, there we go XD haha! So the poem came from my heart--true emotion. Proving my point again!

Where is my rambling going?? Simple--if you're in love write a love story. If you're angry, write a pissed off-ish poem. If you're depressed, write some tear-jerking stuff. Then you'll be on your way to becoming an uber epic writer! haha!

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