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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Editing Sucks!!

So umm...yeah, the title once again explains it all. I officially hate editing, like, with a passion.

I recently finished typing up one of my stories onto the computer!:D I'm going to self-publish it, hopefully before I turn 18. I wrote the story a little over a year ago; I write all my stories down on paper first because I'm more comfortable using a pencil than a keyboard. Although that's kinda my downfall since I waste a large chunk of my time retyping a story onto the computer...

Anyway, I ramble XD haha! But I'm starting my first revisions, this one is basically catching major mistakes I easily see. The next time I will read each chapter and fix each part, probably changing nearly the entire thing. The third time I 'm going to read it aloud....

After that...well we'll see, lols. Anyway again...This is hard. It gives me a headache;I would love to have someone do this awful task for me. Although I think it's so awful because it's on the computer. I honestly think that's it, because at school I can revise essays no problem (and they're on paper)

So I'm done for the night-goodnight editing, hahahaha!

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