My name is Dominique Weldon, I am a teenager from Iowa, who happens to be an aspiring author. I'm determined to make it, and plan on sharing my thoughts and process along the way with the rest of you guys!! I know we can do it!!:D

Welcome to my writer's diary<3

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Yup, it's that time of year again-Christmas!

Spent most of the day with my family over opening presents, dinner and the gathering. Even though I focused on the basic Christmas-like things, I made sure to find the time to write. That's because I know if I don't keep it up, I'll fall back into my slump and I can't have that happen...

Sorry this post is so short today everyone. Even though I did write, I'm still in the holiday mood...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Art Appreciation

...is the 7x7 class I'm taking over winter break. Basically, you have a class for a week, seven days straight, seven hours straight. Yeah, sounds long, huh? I'm taking Art Appreciation. I figured why not, considering I like looking at art and I like making art. I figured this would be a breeze, asides the fact that it's seven-hours-straight.

Let me just say...I love this class.

Before I go too much further, I'm sure some of you are wondering why the heck am I talking about art; after all, this is my writing blog, where I write about...writing. Well, creative writing is art, but that's not why I'm talking about this class. Actually, the reason why I'm posting about it is for a simple, small reason.

When the class first started, she asked everyone a few questions about ourselves. The same question she asked everyone was, "What is your major?" Well, I'm always close to the end when it comes to these types of things-Weldon, W...normally towards the end. When she finally came to me, she asked me the same question. I replied with, "English." That's when she looked at me and smiled. Not even wasting a moment, she continued with, "Creative Writing?"

Then lights from the snowy heavens shinned upon me.

I get asked this all the time: "What's your major?" and "What do you want to do after school?" Well, I always tell them that I'm going for English. Now, I can't get too mad about their assumptions, but it's how they react to my answer. Most people think I'm going there to become a teacher, which is the next thing they respond with. When I tell them creative writing, novelist they immediately go, "Oh..." Why isn't being a writer considered a true job. I don't think I should be looked down upon simply because my career choice isn't traditional in the least. Due to this, when somebody comes up to me now, I simply agree with whatever they say, just to save myself some heartache.That's why when this teacher said creative writing, she was instantly on my good side.

The moral of my story... I'm not so sure. I guess I would simply restate that writing is a real job as well. It might not have constant hours, or a constant income or anything else of that sort...but you know what, it's still the air to my lungs and the reason I'm here today.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Who do creative people attract?

Like my awesome picture? But seriously, I read this article online a couple days ago and it spoke pretty true to me. It said that those who are creative tend to flock towards those like them, for 'uncreative people' (which sounds pretty harsh to say, but I'm just repeating what I saw) are harder to be around because they don't think the same way.

Okay, I guess that would make sense, right? That's when I put the theory to the test. My boyfriend is a painter, but also enjoys literature, photography and music. My best friend is an artist who enjoys literature and music, then lastly, two of my closer friends are an artist and an animator.

That left me thinking that the statement is true. When I talk about my writing or even my art, I have to go to these people because nobody either gets it or even cares. Yes everyone is creative in some sort, but now I realize that I'm drawn to those who make creativity their passion. Then again, I'm sure the same goes for anyone who enjoys a certain subject. Jocks like jocks...Well, that is the only other example I can think of right now, but I'm sure you all get the point.

The moral of the blog post: creative people simple understand how we are all awesome!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Late Night Blogging

Well, it's not really that late, at least to me it isn't. That may be because all my life I've been a night owl. I do more at night and then sleep all day until four or later (or at least I would if my mom didn't have to wake me up, but that is asides the point.)

Sadly, it's the only time I really have to blog. During the day I have school, then I have my day job, then after that is the actual writing and lastly would be checking my online stuff. By that point it's already so late. I simply pay the price in the morning. Sure this probably isn't good for me; after all, rarely do I sleep. Still, that's the life of a busy writer, right? Regardless, that is my justification. One day I want to be able to cut out the school and day-job part of the problem and embrace sleep again. I'm pretty sure that the day-job is going to stay though.

What also kinda sucks about this is that by this point at night I have a hard time thinking up of a blog topic. Why? Well, that's because I'm too tired to think! Kinda like earlier tonight, I was reading one of my older books and I was just so tired that all the words started to form one giant, never-ending sentence. At that point I knew I had to quit for the night, so I went online. Makes sense right?

One day I'll catch up on my sleep, I promise. That day however, is not today.
IA: Meteor


Is what I've been doing tonight...well, kinda. I will say though, this is definitely going to be a short blog post. I just wanted to keep updating it every day, even if the updates are kinda small and pointless. I'm hoping I can get a lot of work done before my winter class starts this Wednesday. I don't even get to truly enjoy winter break, but oh well. College is what's most important right now, even though I like writing far more!

Well, I think I'm going to end this short post now. I'm really tired, and I feel as if I'll start rambling pretty soon. Goodnight readers, writers and fellow bloggers X3

SF-A2 Miki: Jitter Doll

Friday, December 14, 2012

This is what I've been working on lately X3

This! Yes this! What is this you ask? Why, I'll tell you! This is Dark Company, the anthology I've submitted a few poems to. It'll be my first published work and I am uber excited! All the other authors that are a part of this were all under the same publishing label as I before it closed down. Now we have all come back to do this, not giving up without a fight. What's really unique about this anthology is that all the proceeds go to charity:D The charity that was chosen is called buildOn. Basically, it brings those living in lower standards or poverty literacy and education after school programs, so it kinda ties in with writing, right?

This is the website right here if you want to check it out!

So we're promoting the anthology right now, which I think is going pretty well... The page just had 4 likes about two hours ago and now it has 40!:D Now to all those out there, getting Facebook fans are hard, so don't judge! Anyway, lol, I'm pretty excited about this project. I'm going to do a little more promoting before I head off to school. It's my last final for the semester and then I will be done with my first semester of college! As soon as I'm done with that, I have winter vacation to look forward to!!! (Although I have a winter class too, so I guess it doesn't count, but you all get the idea, right?)

Anyhoo, off to promoting!! Here's the link to the Facebook page too :3
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm back Blogger!!!

That is probably what my blog is thinking and with good reason. These past couple months have been interesting to say the least. I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should probably make this short and sweet.

Basically, I'm still not published. I almost was and actually, was under a indie company; however it shut down and I ended up back where I started. That was a huge kick in the gut and I almost quit writing for a bit, due to the dark cloud over my head. That's when the other authors who were under the same label as myself approached me, wanting my help to self publish a collective piece of work for charity. At first I wasn't so sure about it, but after much thinking I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did. I've made a lot of new friends, my poems are going to be published and the money is going to a good cause. It will help me build my name a little bit. Since I'm still free from any labels (sadly) I'm going to self publish my story "Life of the Liar" all by myself. Hopefully it will help people see my work, but asides from that,  I just want to hold a paper copy of my book!!! :D

So I'm going to work, work, work towards my goal... and possibly write more on my blog. No promises, haha!
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Well what do you know, I kinda have a Vlog!

Kinda... Kinda is always the keyword.

Let me say, I really didn't expect it to be this difficult to set up. I've never dabbled with video cameras, webcams and what not. Heck, I don't even know how to use Skype! I just figured all I had to do was record myself then pure gold!



Wrong, wrong, wrong.


Basically, nothing is working out in my favor. Sure, I can record myself and save it, that's no problem. Only little things aren't working, like, oh I don't know... the sound and video. Yeah, the sound, well that's my main problem. It's wayyyyyy to quiet! Nobody can hear me talk (and it doesn't help that I'm so soft-spoken anyway, and add in the fact that it's night, equaling be quiet:P) I can't even understand myself when I look back at them, which is pretty sad. I even turned up the mic (I think) and it's still dmejlfdjfdljf. What was that word you ask? Well I don't know, and that's exactly how I feel when I'm watching myself, because I'm listening to non-existing words!! Annoying, huh? I think I need a headset or something... I don't know...

And the video... Well that's partially my fault, kinda like the sound; although, more of the issue rests on my internet. With this, my mouth doesn't match at all. I'll be talking and the movement comes a little bit afterwords. I looked around to see what caused this, and the problems deals with the internet (and the fact that I always have, like, fifteen tabs open at a time...opps) It's too slow and I asked about it, but my mom said faster internet is far too expensive...


But I'm not giving up!!! I'm going to keep at this until I have perfect Vlog videos! I'm just hoping that it will be sooner than later. Still, you guys are more than welcome to check them out and leave me some feedback. My Youtube channel is dwkeiko, just click that username link and it'll take you to my channel. At the moment, I only have two recorded. Maybe someone out there knows a good mic or webcam for me.

Unless you guys enjoy my crappy video quality, if that's the case then I shall leave it X3 hahahaha!

Oh, and maybe someone can help me change my thumbnails... They make me look ridiculous and I hate it... Like I said, I have a lot of work in front of me.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I gotta blog award!!!! :D

 Heck to the yes! >:D

I feel so cool, because I got the Versatile Blogger award! I have to say thank you to my friend Eveli Acosta for the nomination-she doesn't realized how cool I feel now, haha! Now I feel like I should blog even more! Anyhoo, since I received this award, a couple things follow:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award
    (Thank youuuuuuuuu Eveli!!!!!!!) 
  • Include a link to their blog in your post, (Which is here again) as well as the award image
  • Give 7 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other deserving bloggers for the award
  • Include links to the nominated blogger's sites
  • Let the other bloggers know that they have been nominated for the award

 Now the random seven facts! ...I'm not really sure what random facts to post, since I can't think of anything interesting! Oh well, here I go!

  1. I just graduated High School, and going into college soon, making me one of the younger writers/bloggers in my writing community (which I love!!!)
  2. I'm pretty creative (not bragging, just so you know!!) although, I'm not particularly good at all my other artistic loves. This includes drawing, painting, playing piano and guitar, singing and dancing... But like I said, I suck, haha! It's more for fun!
  3. I'm a pretty epic gamer and love playing online! Name any system, and I have it... Except the new PSP Vita *Sob!* Normally I'm playing my PS3 and 3DS over anything else because they are my favorites at the moment.
  4. The only ice cream flavor I'll eat is Birthday Cake. If it's anything else then I refuse! Simple as that!
  5. I'm pretty into Japanese Culture, music and style. I think it's beautiful over there, and one of my dreams is to travel there someday... Maybe I'll even live there for a couple months!
  6. I'm a pretty big nerd, and that's because (well there's more than one reason, but this is one) I'm sooooo into Vocaloid! Vocaloid is a software that produces human-like sounding 'voices.' There's around 100 different singers and over 100,000's of songs! I love it sooooooooo much!
  7. I am the laziest person you'll ever meet. Period. I hate to move once I'm situated. Heck, I hate to crawl onto the floor to turn on my PS3 when I want to play video games! The couch and my bed are my friends.

 Hey, I managed to think of 7 things, awesome! Now here's who I think deserves The Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Mera Sampson
  2. George Sirois
  3. Eric Swett
  4. Alexia Purdy
  5. Jayde Scott
  6. Lisa Bilbrey
  7. M. Allman
  8. Alyse M. Gardner
  9. Virginia McKevitt
  10. Michele Richard
  11. Rhiannon Paille
  12. J. S. Wilsoncroft
  13. Sammy Sutton
  14. Shelly Workinger
  15.  Lena Roy

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wow... I can finally blog again


I can finally get back online again, and I'm so glad. Our house internet has been off for awhile, thanks to the storms. It was pretty annoying, considering I use my laptop for the things my phone or iPod can't do. To make matters worse, for some reason, my phone has been acting up funny-like for awhile now. I guess it's just my coverage, because I can't access Facebook at all on my phone. Thennnnn... to make it worse, my iPod really doesn't work when it comes to internet.


I hope my awful luck doesn't keep up or I won't be able to get any internet-like things done. With that, I'm going to catch up on more online stuff!

P.S: I just used my webcam for the first time!!! (Apparently there's a use for it on Blogger:P) Anyway, maybe I could have my vblog on here, as well as Youtube. Better chance for people to see it! hahaha!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I hate starting new stories!!


Yes, I admit this as well- I hate starting new works.

Why? Well that's a fantastic question, and I'd love to elaborate. Just the thought of writing that first word is terrifying. Why again? See, writing that first word of a new story is far beyond important. That first paragraph is the veryyyy first thing one reads and if it sucks...well then the story is ruined! I absolutely hate that pressure!

I've been putting off that pressure for weeks now (yes I procrastinate, I'm human -___-.) But today, I finally started my newest piece, a short story. Let me say, figuring out those first words... was awful. Still, I got through it and managed like 6 pages earlier!

I write by hand, 6 pages is a lot, let me tell you!!

With that, I leave my blogging behind for another day. I'm trying to gather the strength to start my short story again, even though I'd rather work on my novel in progress. Oh welllllll!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I got a Blogger app on my phone!

Indeed, it's true-right now I'm blogging from my phone! It's pretty odd to say the least and I'm probably going to edit it as soon as I get on my laptop. However, it is pretty convenient to say the least. I'll probably just use it to start my posts so I can finish them later. Sure it doesn't do everything that my laptop can, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

I'm going to play with it a little bit more, until then!:D I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday and sorry that my post is uber short today!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Twitterrrr!! Whyyy!!

I honestly can say that I hate Twitter.

I don't use it on a regular basis by free choice; in fact, the only reason I have it constantly updated is because I have the account synced to my Facebook Page. To be honest, I don't really get it. All you do is post messages barely long enough to express complete thoughts, while every now and then, you have people comment about your little 'twits'. To me, it resembles a knock-off Facebook.

Anyway, rant over. What I wanted to get at was how my Twitter has been hacked too many times for me to count. (Okay, I lied, it's three times, but that's still too many times). Why in the world is it so easily hackable? I've changed my password countless (three) times and it still ends up all screwy! I'm curious why in the world is this happening to me, considering I've probably only been on the actual website around fifteen times in my life.

I'm giving it another chance, but my patience is wearing thin with the site. Although, I am curious to see if this has happened to anyone else. Probably not though, considering I have the worst luck in the world. Anyway, this is day two with my constant posts, and blogging about something that annoys the heck outta you is pretty easy. By the way, you guys can follow me on my crazed Twitter if you want-I'm not stopping you.

It doesn't look like it, but this sentence is the link to it! Right here!! This line!!

With that, I return to work... Oh joy of life:P

Megurine Luka: Reon

Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh Blogger-I'm so sorry!!

I need to apologize to my blog sooooooo many times! That's because I really haven't been on here in, like, forever. Why? Meh, personal issues. I haven't felt like really blogging, writing, or doing much of anything for the longest time. Not too long ago I was told to get over myself. Okay, sure, but how? Not too sure, but I'm definitely going to try and put more time into my work. Maybe that will fix everything else in my life.

But first, my to-do list:

First: Work on my blog
Yeah.... When I actually put some energy into it, my blog actually got some views. I want to try again (no promising how long it'll last tho!)

Second: Make a vlog
I totallyyyy want to make a vlog, because that'd be so cool! I need to see how I can make on anyway because I haven't the slightest idea. But once I do, I plan on answering questions as soon as possible!

Third: Make my Facebook page popular
Not sure how that's happening, but I want to bring in some traffic... I'll figure something out.

Fourth: Finish my stories
Yeah, I know this should be number one, but I know that I can do this. I just need to put a little more time into my day for it. I've cut back video games for writing, maybe I should do the same with the Internet!

Five: Finish those goals
Obviously I can't think of anymore XD but I'm going to try and accomplish these things by the end of summer... Hopefully it all ends up good! Until then, back to work!

Hatsune Miku: This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last day of school!


Today is my last day of high school, for like, the rest of my life!

I'm soooooo glad, because my motivation for school has completely died a long time ago. Now all I have to look forward to the next couple months is summer break. I should get some work done, like a responsible author, right?


I know how I am, and I won't get anything done! Of course I'll write a little everyday, but I want to make sure I enjoy my last break before college. Holy crap, I'm going to college-that's crazy! Well, guess I'm going to continue to do nothing throughout this last day. (They're always so pointless)

Who-hooooo graduation!!!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

School Pride Scholarship

Southeastern Community College: it's not a overwhelming university, or a facility crawling with thousands and thousands of students. No, it's far from that. Universities of that magnitude offer many opportunities; however, they lack many key elements: closeness, unity and a place to call home.

As soon as one finishes high school, they are thrown into the real world, standing on their own two feet. Some students will scurry on off to a university, diving deep into the waters of life. Those schools do not offer the comfort SCC provides. With the smaller classrooms, students are able to create bonds with others. Not only can they create connections with other students, but also their professors. The atmosphere brings a warmth inside.

That is the atmosphere that I crave for my next step of learning. College is a huge jump for anyone, a jump that shouldn't be taken lightly, which is why I picked SCC as my next learning destination. While looking at other universities, I saw the enormous student size and how that number overpowers the professors. Coming from a smaller school, that statistic was one I wasn't used to and one I didn't want to become a part of. SCC offered me something I desired: smaller class sizes, quality education and most importantly the opportunity to form relationships with my professors. Being able to talk to my professors one-on-one after class was something I wanted throughout my college career; although that one-on-one time is attainable within bigger universities, that time is far more scarce than it would be in a community college.

There is nothing wrong with four-year Universities; however, what follows with that category of schooling is something undesirable in my eyes, which includes cost, size and the sense of insignificance within the classroom. My desired college doesn't have any of those downsides. Instead, SCC is full of unity. The classmates become life-long friends and the teachers will always be held as mentors, no matter what twist and turns life goes through Those factors alone are the reasons why I am proud to be a future SCC Blackhawk.

This <a href="http://www.centurylinkquote.com/scholarship">scholarship</a> is sponsored by <a href="http://www.centurylinkquote.com/">CenturyLinkQuote.com</a>.

School Pride Scholarship Link

School is almost over!!!

Ugh, I've been so busy -___-

My birthday wasn't too long ago, and that took up some time. Also school has been my top priority. But that's because I'm a Senior, and I'm almost done with high school-yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad, because I'm done with high school and ready to move on. Hopefully college isn't hard or anything, and hopefully it doesn't take up too much of my time. I need it to write, and I'm afraid with it, plus work, writing won't be happening so much :(

Oh well, we'll see! Just wanted to update my blog a little, figured it needed some more loveXD haha!

Okay... off to do some more school work -__-

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Writing and life as of now

Hey, it's not too bad! Haha!

Luckily I don't work tonight, so I can somewhat write again. The problem with not writing after a day or so is that I start to forget what was going on in my story. I don't mean everything, but like the mood and setting I had at that moment. I'll have to read it again to figure out what was happening in my head.

Another problem I have is my blogging Wednesday. Every Wednesday I share a poem or short story of mine on All Things Book's blog...but not too long ago the website changed. It's on a different setup, or website style, one that won't let me log into. My internet or laptop is awful because I won't let me post on the website, which makes me sad, because I love posting on the site. They admin. of the group says there's a post option, but it doens't appear on my computer... So with that, I can't do anything :(

Oh well... Going to keep checking up on my book stuff now. (See how much I do in school?? Just on the spellcheckless computer or having free time the whole day!) And yes, spellcheckless is indeed a work...as of now!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Didn't get any writing done, but I have a valid excuse!

...Well not really, but it's valid enough for me!

Recently I've been trying to put in as much time into my writing as I can, steering myself from the internet. (Ironically enough, my internet provider at home has an internet black out, so I can't get on until it's fixed XD) Anyway, yesterday I got two of my (early)  birthday presents!! I was playing around with them, trying to get used to them, and setting them up. I got a new iPod and phone by the way if anyone cares, lols! The iPod is very useful to me, because I am a hugeeeee music lover, hence me sometimes putting up my newest obession song at the bottom of my posts. Anyway, it helps me concentrate at night, because the silence is really creepy and distracting

So I have that taken care of, but I can't test it out until Wednesday or Friday night because I work (grrrrrr.....) Actually... I'm busy all week, (school/work-wise)  so I'll just have to make time to write!

Happy Tuesday guys!

IA: Carla

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week is over:P

Thank God because I'm ready for it to be over!!!

I couldn't really do anything today because I worked as soon as I got up, till... now-ish, haha! Sure I got up later, but that's not the point XD I've been checking my Facebook stuff, getting ready to write. Hopefully I can get a chapter done before three thirty (that's when the lights have to go out, so the writing stops there XP) Otherwise I can try tomorrow, but I have that day planned for my college writing...

Yeah, I'm pretty lame today. Nothing too special happened to me, sorry guys!!

Hope everyone has a great night! :D

Hatsune Miku (Solid)-Rolling Girl

Friday, April 20, 2012


Okay,okay, I know this is suppost to be about books and such, but let me just say this again:


That's how I'm feeling at the moment, and I just wanted to share it. Well, I'm trying to get some more work done, still not half-way through yet. I'm also trying to get some more work done this weekend, and since my phone has stop working it could be a sign to start ignoring people. You know, try and get more stuff done (And if that's the measure it has to be... well I don't like it. I enjoy conversing with people -___-)

At least my book is starting to get scary-ish. I haven't written a horror in awhile, because the last thing I was writing was the end of my Frozen Rain series, which is more love-paranormal. I like horror more though, it's fun trying to come up with the most creepy, digusting, horrifying things as possible. Soooooo... I must always keep with my horror video games-good excuse, right?

So... No texting, video games, or ect. tonight (maybe XP) and try to get some work done!! ...I'll tell you guys how that goes.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Back at school again-__-

Yup:( I'm sad to say but my week plus spring break is now over... What a drag.

The break itself was very nice though, if you guys care, haha! I had a list of goals I needed to accomplish before it ended. I didn't meet all of those goals; however, I managed to get half of them done. One I really wanted to do, but didn't was get half-way through my story. I'm almost there though! (And I know this to be a fact because I write on paper/in notebooks X3)

I'm writing it a little less though because I'm at an awkward spot in my story. I'm starting to transition into the horror elements, but it's kinda hard to make the jump without it being so sudden. It wouldn't be as hard if I wrote on the computer, when I had unlimited space, but I hate staring at a white screen all day-it hurts my sensitive eyes -___- I like being able to flip to my pages, not scroll with a mouse. Also my fingers start to cramp too...

Anyway, anyway! I don't know... I always find a way to make whatever I'm working on ends up fine; still, I can't help but stress out about it. With my luck, I'll run short with my story, and have pages left over at the end. Then I have to add another twist to the story.

Would it be simpler with a computer? Possibly.

Am I going to continue my first drafts in notebooks? Yup! XD

Well... I rambled like always, but the point is that I'm sad about school, I want it to be over, and I'm stressing about the book. All in all, I know it'll be fine in the end:3

Monday, April 9, 2012

And spring break begins!!

Yes, that's right-it's time for my 10 day spring break! (Although a couple of them are already down, but that's okay X3)

There are no excuses! I'm going to get done what needs to be done, which is why I made a list of everything I want to accomplish during the next week! The majority of them are book based, and the one I'm most concerned about is me reaching the half-way mark through the story I'm writing at the moment. I should of been done with it by now -___- which is why I'm making sure I at least get half-way through it! If I can make it even further, well that would be fantastic! I still have until next Tuesday, which is a long time to get some stuff done. Hopefully work won't interfere with my writing too much...

And I believe that's it for now:D

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tomorrow is the start of spring break!


(And no, I'm not going to Floriday; although I wish I could!)

Lols, I'm excited because that means I have a bunch of free time! Actually I think this is the longest spring break we've ever had in all our tweleve years of school. It starts tomorrow, and then it ends on the 16th, which is a veryyyyy long break!

What to do during this break... What a wonderful question. A better one is figuring out if I'm going to do what I want, or what I should do.

Since I am a pretty lazy person, I tend to stray from my work easily. In my free time when I'm not writing I like to play video games, watch T.V, sleep during the day and etc, etc. Although... I think I want to see how far I can get in the book I'm writing (not editing, that can get done later!!! I hate editing -___-) I'm about half-way through, though with my average lenght of writing a book, I should of been done last month.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... Let's see if I can get some writing done >:D

SeeU: Hide and Seek

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Well I have my stuff with me today!

I feel so much better now, knowing that I have my story and Kindle with me. Yesterday dragged like none other! With me not bringing either to school, I started that short story for the contest I want to enter. It's not close to being done at all, but it's a start! Considering I don't have to work for the rest of the week (thankfully!) I can put more time into it... or procastinate. Thinking I should probably do the second one though:P

First things first though, I want to write my story!! A day without it was just too long D:

And with that, my rambling of the day is over!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I left my story and kindle at home!


Can you guys feel my disapointment, because it's definetly there. (Although I'm definetly not as sad as the girl in that picture XD)

Considering I hardly do anything at school anymore (since it's the end of the year and all) I usually write or read in my free time. Only today... I can't! That's because silly ol' me left my life and soul at the house apparently. I don't even remember taking them out of my bag, but I guess I did. Oh woe is me-____-

So what am I going to do today?

Well I guess I can write my short story for the contest on Facebook. I've been putting it off for a few weeks now, and I'm thinking that I should probably stop that. I'm not so sure how it will turn out, but I'm hoping it's decent!

Well that's how my day has been, hahahaha! Hoping tomorrow will be better, lols.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wanna know what I just found out??

So... for the past several months I've been plauged with "Ultimate-laziness-no desire to do anything-syndrome" It's my own fault, no excuses XP However during the past week, out of nowhere, I've had a urge to write and write! It's wonderful!

...Then I've noticed something.

Being a Senior at my high school, I'm no longer required to read any 'free books' anymore. Considering I read the most in school, my free reading kinda died down this last year. (Forgive me guys, I'm sorry >___<) At the same time my writing has also died down. It never really seemed odd, I just felt like I had a lot of other things going on to distract me.

Now around two weeks ago my friend asked me to read her story. How could I resist?? I've been waiting for a glimsp of her story for about a year now! As I started to get into it I realzed how much fun it was to read, I just wanted to keep going! At the same time, I felt a urge to write a little bit of my novel (one that has been sadly ignored, yet always carried around with me). So what did I do? Simple, I started to write a little...

I wrote a little more.

Then I read some more.

I wrote again.

And then I picked up the book again.

That's when something hit me! Or at least a question came to me... Does my reading affect how much I write? I mean, I  haven't read really read anything in over a year, and I haven't written anything in so long. Then here I am, out of nowhere the spark to write comes back after I read... Is this true??

Does reading influence your writing guys? I'm starting to think it does!

Magia Madoka Ending: Magia Dubstep remix

(Music also influences my writing X3 I can't write without it!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey guess what, I'm a hard worker!:D

Another happy picture! You guys should know that's a good thing!:D

The girl is supposed to be happy...but it looks like she's more relaxed than anything, lols. Anyway, my happiness started at school. I'm a senior at my high school (almost done with the joint I might add) and we're at the point in the year where we do class favorites.

...Guess who was picked to be one of the favoritessssssssss?


Yup, yup-I was picked to be one of the class favorites and was picked as "Hardest Worker." Then I thought to myself for a few moments... They were right, I am a hard worker, and a great one I might add !

I mean, as much as I complain about how I should be doing more- like all the other writers I see out there-I've realized that I've done so much!

I've written over one-hundred children's stories when I was little (which are only like 3-5 pages in length). I've written 16 novels, and editing one at the moment. I've made my Facebook fan page, which has become very successful, gaining over one thousand fans! I also sub-admin another writing page on there. I've created and admin a Facebook writing page. There are my two blogs, both this one (which has started to really pick up!!) and my unprofessional one. Then add in the fact that every Wednesday I publish a little blurb on All Things Books Blog. I also made a twitter profile. Then last year I published my Website! I'm also on Wattpad, Fligment, and DeviantArt (where I share my love for the arts and my drawings.)

And to top it off, I've been told that I'm a great writer! All of the above are wonderful things, but nothing beats being told that someone likes your work:3

I can say to myself that I should do more... but I then I look back and see how much I've done. And my classmates are right. I am a hard worker!

I'm going to be successful!.

Monday, March 19, 2012

That's right, I'm still working!

I just finished a chapter in my story! Woots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's how I feel right now XD Well I haven't finished a chapter in so long (the laziness and video games are to blame-___-) I finally got past the road blocks and knew that I should start working more. Now BAM! Chapter is now done! And yes world, I did just BAM!

I would keep my writing streak going, but I have homework to get on... Curse you school, and you're homework! Luckily both my assignments are two papers I have to write, so it's not that bad... Still, I'd rather be writing creatively instead of academically.

Regardless, I'm off to write... Something!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Starting to get back into writing

Yup, I'm forcing myself to write:P If anything just a little bit everyday, and that's because I've been doing very poorly at my writing lately-_____- I feel like I've entered this cycle: it starts with me being extremly pumped about my writing, marketing, editing and etc... And then after a few days or such I stop and simply play video games instead.

I guess that just means I'm immature in this sense, becaue I'm too easily distracted by internet/technology and whatnot. But I'll get on the writing, I have too!

I think that's where I am in my writing life at the moment. It's nothing too special sadly. Then again, I'd rather it be boring then have something bad happen involving my writing!

Happy blogging bloggers!

Yuzuki Yukari: Setsu-Getsu-Ka

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Don't forget to work later... Maybe...

I feel like this all the time -____-

Normally, I'd say 70% of the time, I have no desire to do anything work related. The books, editing and reading scream my name, but I respond with a video game or mouse in my hand. What can I say, I'm a teenager and we like to procastinate. We can't help it.

However, right now --at this moment in time-- I actually want to get some work done! Since it's at school though, I don't have my rough draft with me:( So I'm craving to write something, but that something is in the other side of town. I feel like this always happens to me in general. When you have the opertunity to work you don't want to, but when you have other things to do, the writing (or whatever else it is) is unavaible at the moment...

Why is that?

Easy, because sometimes the universe hates me, and gets a chuckle out of my pain. With that I'll go back to school where I cannot edit Life of the Liar :P

Oh, and one last random thought: the school computers do not have spell check, so if I sound like an idoit it's because nothing is spell checked... Also I can't spell might be a factor... haha!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Novel Publicity is a great resource for writers!:D

And a fantastic resource might I add!

This week during school we're taking ITEDS/ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic skills)You know, it's the type of tests where you have to read question, after question, fill in bubbles until the circle turns black... It's pretty lame -___- and they've been making us take it since Kindergarten. On the bright side, Seniors aren't required to take them, and guess who's a senior????? :D

If you guessed me,then congratulations, you're brilliant! So for the past week I've had a few free hours to kill before school-sounds great, right? Normally I've been hanging out with my friends and such, but today they all decided not to be cool, and be busy. That's why today I'm home at the moment. I thought about playing my PS3 (I'm a pretty epic gamer, just in case you guys didn't know!) however none of my friends were online, which made me think...

I should reallyyyyy stop being lazy, and get some work done...

Which was true; I've been extrememly lazy the past few months, whether it being a writer's slump or senioritous (which really does exsist -__-) I didn't feel like writing at the moment, but decided that I needed to do something on my page. That's when I remembered something...

It's Karmic Friday!

Yes, another inside thought! But anyway, Karmic Friday is something done by Novel Publicity (Emlyn Chand) A writer can share his or her page on Novel Publicity's own page and have other writers check out their page. It's pretty cool, and convient to say the least. Bad thing about it though is that a lot of people and FB got mad because it was very 'spam-ish'. However, I recently found out, like today, that Emlyn made a FB group for her Novel Publicity! Apparently I was a member of it, thanks to Joe!!!!!!! Now I can do the same thing as before, but now it's conviently in a closed group. With this I can help my page, which was been insight dead for awhile now -___- Hopefully that will change.

With that, Happy Karmic Friday everyone:)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grrrrr... me being sick

Yes, it's true! ...I'm sick -___-

I've been sick since Saturday, equaling five days of feeling awful. So what have I been doing during this awful time? Well that's simple, I slept, slept, and slept. That part wasn't too bad, I actually enjoyed it! However I really couldn't write because thinking with a pounding headache reallyyyyyy isn't a good idea!

On the other hand, I'm sure many writers force themselves to work in sickness. That's because I'm sure publishers and editors really could care less if you feel like crap. So I'm not sure if I should wait until I'm over this cold... or if I should grow up and just get over it.

Sadly I'm thinking that the right answer was option two-_-

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hey, I have a Kindle case now!

That's what it looks like basically; although mine is a Kindle Touch, so the case is a tad bit smaller. But this is great!! Now I can take my Kindle out on the go without the fear of dropping or breaking it. (Which could happen very easily, just ask me about my phone-__-)

At the moment, I'm reading several books at home, but now I can read them anywhere! I'm sooooooooo happy:D Kindles are like the greatest thing invented....

Short blog post today, now I'm off to reading :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well... I have an entire week off of work

Which is kinda of a yeah situation, but at the same time it's pretty mehhhh...-_____-

That's why I'm going to use this time to work on my book-like-things. Book-like-things consist of many things, but at the moment, mainly just three. And they are writing my newest novel, editing an older one, and then Beta-Reading. Like I said there's more, but those are the most important things to me right now. Now... the order I want to do those in are a little different than what I should do them in. See, if it were up to me would be:

1) Current novel
2) Beta Read
3) Edit Novel

Why? Simple, because I'd rather write then read (but don't get me wrong, I loveeeeee reading too!) And out of all of them, I hate editing the most. But the order I think I should do it in is:

1) Beta-Read
2) Edit Novel
3) Current Novel

Hmmmm... Regardless of whichever I start at first really doesn't matter... Because eventually they all need done -___-

Miku Hatsune: Chip Tears

Friday, February 24, 2012

Guess who's a Beta-Reader??

Me!! That's who!

My friend Sinead has finally finished her book, and this will be the first time that I will read some of her work (and I was starting to think that she didn't even write, hahaha!)  I'm glad she's letting me read this for many reasons: one, because I get to help out a friend and two, because I get to read more. I haven't been doing so much of that... Actually I haven't too much reading or writing lately -__-

I blame the internet once again! haha!

Hopefully it doesn't take too long, since she needs it done by April. On average it takes me a day to finish a story, but with my own writing and whatnot my time is scarce... And also video games stray me away too -_____- I admit, I admit!

Anyway, I'm going to finish this book as soon as I can! I know it won't dissapoint >:D

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What has the internet done to my writing?

Ruined it!!! Ruined it--I swear!
(By the way I use Firefox if you guys couldn't tell X3)

Okay, not really, I'm just exaggerating guys. But in all seriousness, the internet really has distracted me from my writing... Which makes me dissapointed in myself.

Two years (age 15) ago was when my mom finally got us the magical wonder known as internet, lols!Sure we had dial up, but what was the point- I could watch an entire episode of a T.V before I could even log on! But when I finally got it one of the first things was make myself a profile on Facebook-just a regular one for my friends. It was a few months later when the wonderful idea of making an FB Fan page hit me. As time went on more things on the Internet started to capture my attention: Youtube, DevaintArt, Wattpad, Figment,my blog, my my website, etc, etc. etc...:P All these things require lots of work and attention, especially since I want them to be popular and all XD Somewhere along the road talking about my books has become more important than actually writing them, sadly enough.

Why did this happen? Well that's simple enough-the internet is addicting! The majority of us can say this to be true, how we intend to get on for a simple hour... and that hour turns to two, then three, then four, and so forth, and so forth. Hey, I admit it! That's why it takes me around a year to finish a book when it used to take me around four months...

How do I fix this? That's also simple- I need to change my prorities. That doesn't mean I'm going to vanish into thin air and off the internet. That'd be crazy! XD Instead I need to change what I do with my free time, limit my nights online by only checking my page once, or when I'm doozing off to sleep. Somehow I need to revert back to the way I was before we finally got internet...

Needless to say, easier said than done -___-

There's just one thing I won't loosen my time on, and that's Youtube XD I need my music to write; if there's silence nothing will get done... Ahhh, thank goodness for that part of the internet!

IA: Connect

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tag, I'm it?

Awesome:D Soooo... my good ol' friend Joe blogged tagged me (didn't even know there was such a thing) and now I have to answer his questions. I could blog tag someone as well... but I don't really know who that even  would be--so I won't X3 Anyways, here I go!

1. Tell me something about you that most people don't know.
Hmmm... well I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture. I like dressing up in that style, listen J-pop/Vocaloid, and anime X3

2. Did you dream last night?
Yes I did... But of what..? Well that's a good question!

3. Type of music you dislike most?

4. Is the glass half empty or half full?
Depends on the situation

5. Do you touch-type?
Of course! lol

6. Do you sing in the shower?
No, but I do sing alone in my car

7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

8. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Indeed <3

9. What inspires you?
My fellow author friends, family, friends, life experiences...and music!

10. What book are you reading at the moment?
Sadly only my own because I tend to write more than read lols

Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm a student just like everyone else guys!!


I'm ranting right now! Why...? Simple, because this is my blog, I can, and it relates to writing. Alright, here I go.

As most of you know, I'm a student in high school... still. Oh the joys of that... One of my classes is Comp 105--yup, that's right, I'm taking a college class in high school. I'm that cool! Anyway, I'm pretty good at writing, so the class comes naturally to me. That doesn't mean I'm wonder-writer though, there's still days where I have problems too. After all, I'm just a student, like everyone else.

Here lies the problem... I am constantly asked by many of my fellow classmates to help them with their work. It never bothered me at first, actually it made me feel important... But then there comes the point where I'm asked more than the teacher. This has been happening since Jr. High, and I kinda hate it. That's because sometimes people get frustrated with me if I don't help them out, or want to work on my own project, leaving me feeling guilty.

It's made me come to the point where I no longer feel like helping them... Is that selfish? Possibly; I'm just tried of the guilt and pressure. I don't think that it's too bad, right?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day Love

When I think of you my heart starts to flutter
Within my chest, leaving all these feelings such a clutter
To be with you is all I need
A kiss, a kiss I plead
For its Valentines, we cannot be alone
Your arms need to hold
So let’s celebrate the unity of us
Celebrate the strength of our love and lust
The day of pink of red has come to a close
Ending with the pedals of a rose

Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 day weekend over

And this is how I feel right now, lol.

Alrighty, I'll be honest with you guys... I didn't write a dang thing during my mini break. *Prepares for the disappointment* Actually, I haven't even been online for days. Yup, vanished from the face of the planet. Why? Well... It was my best friend's birthday, and I hung out with other people on the other days. I needed a break. The break is from life (I could go on in debt, but that really doesn't relate to writing, but know that there's a valid reason!)

So today I've returned back to the world, and started to check up on my online stuff. The problem with leaving is that I return with so much stuff to do. Oh well, I guess!

Now I'm going to finish this, and then figure out how to get past this writer's road block--which is farrrrr different from writer's block, just so we're clear! hahaha!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 Day Weekend


Yup, that's right--my weekend increased a day because our school is uber awesome! It's really random too because it's not like it's a holiday or anything. However it is my best friend's birthday....buttttt I don't think that counts X3

I'm going to spend tonight working for sure. I've been stuck in my novel for awhile now, not really knowing where in the world to go next. I did reread the book though, and it helped a little. One of my writer friends told me to develop a minor conflict to keep the story interesting, so I guess I could do a love issue-problem-thing. (Like my words? haha!)

So that's where I am up to this point... Nothing else too interesting to say, sorry!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Smother Me: Dominique Weldon

How you cannot see, what I need
You're suffocating,
Breaths become gasps,
So quick, so fast,
They leave me,
Hands caress and hold,
And nowhere to go,
The darkness flows in,
It licks and it grins
Wanting to see, how desperate is me,
I need it so low, I want it to go,
How can you not see that you're killing me,
Drips of the red that shed down my head,
Nothing to comfort, nothing to hold,
How I wish for the day you turn cold

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Issues with writing a novel

Are many to say the least. The one I'm dealing with now is definetly annoying-___-

Okay, okay, so I'm finishing a chapter, going by the outline I have in my convinent little notebook of notes. (Then again isn't that what notebooks are supposesd to have anyway?) Anyway, I just finished the last chapter I was on and looked at my outline to see where I was going; however what I have down next was NOT going to work!!

To keep it short-the major plot twist was supposed to happen in the next chapter, but... my main characters haven't even become 'friends' yet! There still needs to be some major character development going on, and yet my plan was to bascially throw them out in shark-infested waters! ...But not literally, I mean that as a cliche of course; although, that would be a good plot twist. Random, but good! Still, fail, fail... Now I'm confused with what I'm going to do next. I mean, I have some ideas but they're kind of a jumbled mess scracthed down on paper.

Now, what is my plan to fix this problem?.... Uhhh, beats me! Whenever this happens I normally just hope an idea comes and then BAM (and yes, I said bam :P) the idea comes! Also I think I'm going to read everything I have up to this point and hope that'll spark some creativity too.... Because I could wing it, but that would only make it harder for me in the long run.

Or if anything, I can just take a longgggg break, hahahaha!

IA: Super World

Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't mock my skills

...because I am a competitive person. Even if I lose I still pretend that it is you who is awful, not me-haha! This is what happened to me awhile back in my Comp Class. Our newest assignment was to write a descriptive essay. Basically we had to write about anything and make it descriptive. Easy right?

Well wrong!

It is a lottttt harder than it sounds, and I probably spent the entire first week brainstorming a topic. Eventually we told our teacher that we were stuck and needed some serious help. That caused him to say,"This is basic writing for a creative writer. They should be able to write an entire paper on a pencil with ease."

-___- Yeah, that didn't settle with me very well. Not sure if he meant it personally, but I took it personally, as if he was insulting my skills! So out of spite I decided to write my essay on, you got it, a pencil. I turned the intro of it into a charming little poem called, "Of Wood, Graphite and Rubber.'

The pencil,
Such a marvelous contraption;
Simple to say the least,
But that adds to it's wonder,
Its length isn't comparable to the massive structure of a skyscraper,
Or as extraordinary as the microscopic world,
Its only a mere five inches,
Those five inches of wood, graphite and rubber is the bridge to a world of possibilities;
The dark, yet correctable tip makes way for learning, creativity and imagination,
To put it simply,
This tool is one made of magic,
A magic marveled for ages

(By the way, the rough draft was A worthy, just in case anyone cares, haha!) Now that determination in class never fails me. Why? Well because I strive for the best in school (unless it's related to anything math-wise, then that's just a lost cause.) That left me thinking today...Where does that determination go when I'm writing for myself? It's not like I don't try at all with my stories; I do want to write well, but the drive for perfection isn't there like in school. Even when I'm editing my work it's just not the same, because after awhile I start to grow bored, lose my mind a little, then quit. I think the only difference is the fact that school is for a grade...

Regardless, I found the difference between my academic and creative writing kinda funny. I need to bring them both up on the same level... If not I'll get through editing my story and publish anything T_____T And I really want to get published. Actually my goal is to become a published by age 18, but with that being in less than three months I don't see that happening anymore, lol. Guess I should stop being so lazy.

Oh, and also I decided to post whatever song I'm listening to while I'm writing. Share the bizzare music that inspires me and whatnot XD

IA: The Boy who Hated the Classroom

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Advice-Advice for all writers!!

Or anyone for that matter!

So today I was informed that one of my friend's lost everything on their computer today. Why? That's because her hard drive crashed. I feel so bad for her because that is every writer's worst nightmare. I have noooo idea what'd I do; I have some of my stuff on here backed up, but not everything... But then again, I take that back. Last year my computer had a virus so I had to factory reset it, losing everything. That sucked:( Luckily I had all my work and pictures on DevaintArt, so I was able to copy and paste everything back to my computer. The only difference from then is that I have music, but I keep all those on flashdrives scattered across the house.

Anyway, going back now. Hearing my friend's troubles made me remember some advice one of my teachers told me awhile back.
Yes, good ol' Google Docs--greatest invention in the world!!! Basically it's a back-up for any computer documents. It's free, and simple to use; all you need is a Google account, which is something that like everyone has now. But you're able to save any work on there, obviously with a space limit, but I'm pretty sure that it's high. Also you can access these documents anywhere!!! I'm completely pro Google Docs, and I recommend it to anyone! I don't have much on there myself, but that's because all my work is on paper. Which isn't really safe, so maybe I should start putting them online!

Heed my advice... because I know you'll thank me later for it :D

I'm at a blog slump

I'm supposed to be writing on my blog everyday now... Because that's what I promised myself I'd do this year... However I'm kinda at a slump in it, and with my Facebook page, lol. I honestly don't have too much going on right now work-wise. Trying to finish my current novel and still in the editing process of Life of the Liar...

Sorry my life hasn't tooooo much going on right nowXD haha

Monday, January 30, 2012

Emotions in writing?

Are very important...I believe. Why am I thinking this; simple, I'm a very random person with very random thoughts. I believe the whole 'Valentines Day' crap coming up is the cause of this, everyone being emotional and etc. Being forced to witness all these lovey-dovey-overrated stuff didn't help. (And no, I'm not a bitter, lonely person :P I just think the holiday is pointless.)

Anyhooooooo.... Emotional writing, it's the spice that can pull someone in, refusing to let them go. It's a very important--difference between the shelves and trash:P When your more 'involved' in your work it definitely turns out better.

Example: Around  two years ago, maybe a little more than that, I was writing Once Upon a Fairytale. It's my only true romance with a fantasy flare.

 That's when Tiana burst into tears. She threw her face in her hands, letting them get soaked. I honestly didn't know what to do... Moments later she removed her hands, and stared up at me. Her makeup was running down the sides of her cheeks, with all those tears.

"Cullen,"she cried,"I just want you to like me! I would do anything for you to notice me! These horrible clothes are embarrassing! But I thought I'd make you happy! Because I want to see you smile, I want...." she trailed off.

Seeing this girl cry, and for me... Seeing Tiana cry...

In that next moment I placed both of my hands on her face. I pulled her face close to mine and with my thumbs, stroked her running makeup away. Her eyes shot open wide, in surprise.

"I do like you,"I whispered, so quiet that I could barely hear myself.

I was beginning to spill out feelings;I couldn't stop myself...

 To me, it's my best piece of work. Why? I don't know, probably because at the time I (wouldn't say love then) was definitely crushing on someone. Do I believe the real-life feelings helped? Completely. Another example: my poem Loop. Short, sweet, one of my favorites...

The belt around my waist
That will do
Tightness encloses me
Air no longer comes down
All the memories of you rush back
So much, so fast
It rattles my core
Sends tears down my face
I'm tired of it!
I can't take any more!
Throbbing crashes against my neck
All the promises
Your words
They're what makes the floods come
What drown me
But I know I can't do it
I stop
The pressure goes away
Sending me deeper into my own abyss
I just wish someone would find me
Before my heart withers away into nothing

I wrote that... last May I believe. At the time I was rather... emotional, there we go XD haha! So the poem came from my heart--true emotion. Proving my point again!

Where is my rambling going?? Simple--if you're in love write a love story. If you're angry, write a pissed off-ish poem. If you're depressed, write some tear-jerking stuff. Then you'll be on your way to becoming an uber epic writer! haha!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Updated Blog!!:D

*Woots!!!!* New cool looking blog!!!! Makes me uber happy (reference towards the happy Sephiroth chibi up above) Thanks to Joe <3 I now have a fancier looking blog. He made use of the pages up above, and also made the font easier to read. I'll play around with it later, but pretty sure I'll just leave it as it is. He did change the name to simply 'Dominique Weldon' but I guess that sounds a little better.

Just gotta keep making this blog more popular. Easier said than done. Trust me, took more than a year to earn a 1,000+ fans on FB, so I know I have to just keep trying...

And I can feel the rambling going on. It happens when you're dead tired-__- Know what doesn't happen when you're dead tired? I'll tell you--writing. Can't afford to do anything tonight, because when you write in a sleepy daze you'll wake up, look at your work, and pretty much be like WTF...

I've had that happen plenty of times-___-

Still rambling, need to log off...sooooooo enjoy the new layout XD

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Uber tired to say the least:P

Holy crap, this is how I feel right now!

Yeah, I'm tired, but oh well, it happens. My 'real' job made me stay out late the night before, also I had lots of school work to do-___- *joy joy* It left me drained today, meaning that I'm definitely not getting much writing done. Although, being a writer, I think that this stuff is usual. After all the publishers aren't going to care if you're a little outta it:P Which is pretty sucky because who wants to work when they're half asleep. You can't do anything right (I've typed so many mistakes right now, and I'm sure my grammar isn't the best either hahaha)

Oh well, have to write, write, write! If only books could write themselves; how great would that be? I'm thinking someone should invite something that can help me out with that.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Noooo!!! D: Picnik is closing!!

Nooooo!!! I'm so sad to hear this! Yesterday I received an email saying that Picnik is closing down on April 19th 2012:(

Okay I know that the site is moving to google+ or something and that there are other editing sites...but still, that's not the point! I use picnik to edit my photos for cover art. It's like, the greatest thing in the world. One of my friends told me other places to go. I haven't heard of any of them, but I'm going to give them a try. After all, I don't think I have too much of a choice.

Until April I will continuing using my picnik


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Go me!! I'mma good student:D

First let me get this straight--my English teacher is sooooooo not a chick XD He's a guy, not a creepy looking teacher chick like so ------->
But it was the best picture I could find, although maybe I should of used a student... Oh well XP

Anyhoo, I'm pretty sure most of you know that I'm in high school, right? Well I am--a senior to be exact! *woots!* Kk, our school offers basically free college classes and the one I'm in is Comp 105. The class is required at all Iowa colleges, so the fact that I'm getting it for free (don't count the books lol) is pretty amazing!

Only the class itself worried me. Since it's college-level it left me worried. I mean, they grade on a different level; I didn't want to fail a class that counts as both college and high school! D: The first paper we had to write was a personal narrative. Mine was about my car--long story, not gonna get into it lol. But I had my teacher read it to see how I was doing. Now need I add that he was reading my fourth draft, I went over it constantly, trying to make sure its perfect! He went over it quickly than gave it back to me.

Minor mistakes, but he said it was good!!!!!!

That makes me happy--and after all my hard work! I might be able to pass college! *woots! X3