My name is Dominique Weldon, I am a teenager from Iowa, who happens to be an aspiring author. I'm determined to make it, and plan on sharing my thoughts and process along the way with the rest of you guys!! I know we can do it!!:D

Welcome to my writer's diary<3

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Writing to some is a chore, but to me, it's a type of art. You create pictures, splash images into the minds of others simply by using words. Art has no rules; so when it comes to writing, is it better to follow the rules, or break them? Sometimes those who bend the rules into their own are the ones who create masterpieces.

Fragments, run on sentences... Maybe they traditionally are frowned upon, but could they be the first step towards something great? Art is where your allowed mistakes, meaning I can go and find out


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