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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Six Traits of Writing Defined

'Six Traits of Writing Defined'

That is the heading of the paper my English teacher passed out today.We are writing college essays, and we have to sell ourselves in only 500 words. Not much in the least. He said that the essays are critiqued on the basis of six traits, things that all writers use-especially authors. They are:
Word Choice
Sentence Fluency
and Conventions

All are important, but he told us the most important thing, as the trait that is the hardest for anyone, is voice. Voice isn't something that you can learn in a book, or get the answer from a friend. No, voice is something only you can find. It gives your piece a sense of life, showing that the words sprawled on the pages came from a real person, with real emotions.

Voice is still something I have yet to find. A voice and style... Better yet, it's something I don't know how to describe. Interviewers will ask what is your voice and style..., but I honestly have no idea how to answer it.

Hopefully with time I will be able to answer it, and will also master those crucial six traits. Only time will tell:)

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